Salutations and introductions

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Welcome to all who may stumble on to this website.

The reason for its establishment is for women and indeed men as well and all innovative and curious people out there who would like to share their thoughts about empowerment and how we can claim this phenomenon for ourselves. Once we are empowered with information and resources, we are on our way to true freedom and discovery of our purpose in life.

I truly believe that empowerment is not the preserve of the upper echelons; once people at the lower echelons are also in on the empowerment agenda, they will claim their space as well.

I want to hear about clear strategies that people are employing to resolve their situations. These strategies must be shared so that this freedom can be replicated and where they are not able to be replicated, women can find their own solutions.
The wheel has already been invented, lets see how we can use it differently.

I wish you all prosperity.



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